• Lip/Tongue Tie Revision

  • Please Note: For ALL Delta Insurance, prior authorization is required prior to scheduling.

  • Our office is proud to help the littlest patients even prior to the eruption of teeth. An often overlooked problem with newborns with nursing difficulties is the presence of a lip or tongue tie preventing proper latching onto the mother's breast. The restricted movement of the lip and or tongue may lead to soreness and frustration for the mother who attempts to nurse her infant. Below are images of different classifications of lip and tongue restrictions: 

  • This condition can be easily corrected at any age to avoid future problems with speech (lisps), dental development (large gaps between front teeth), difficulties related to dental hygiene (cavities). Our office uses laser correction which allows for fast healing, no stitches or post-revision bleeding and little discomfort. Referrals from a lactation consultant, pediatrician, ENT, or pedodontist are accepted. 

  • Emailed photos are appreciated prior to scheduling.

    Photo Instructions:

    Please forward Dr. Skowronski photos of your child's lip and tongue along with a face photo while crying.  We tell parents to have someone help you take these photos, sit knee to knee with the other person with your child's head in your lap.  Elevate the upper lip and have the other person take the photo.  The tongue photo is best taken while your child is crying, so while they are crying flip the tongue up and have the other person take the photo.
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