Annette Skowronski, DDS, FAGD


Many thanks to my selfless staff for participating in the Mission of Mercy 2013:  Hosted by Saginaw Valley State University in conjunction with Michigan Dental Association. This was the first time Michigan had hosted the weekend event which took place June 6-9, 2013. Approximately 1600 patients were seen on a first come first serve basis for free dental treatment and oral health education. 

We are  proud to announce the launching of This online store will allow easy purchasing of the natural dental products  found  in our office to be delivered directly to your home. We welcome feedback! Please feel free to call or ask about the next time you are in the office.


 Our office  offers  a variety  of  natural  dental products, for children and adults, that do not contain triclosan, caffeine, sodium lauryl sulfate, peroxide, gluten, saccharin  or other harmful detergents.  Most of these products are also fluoride free. These products range from xylitol based toothpastes, rinses, chewing gums, oral/nasal  sprays and mints/candies to daily oral probiotics.  Call us if there are concerns about products you are using at home.

Our office is constantly in pursuit of technologies, methods and products that will keep your oral health optimal instead of treating disease. Now that's health care you can afford!  

Dr. Annette and Staff




Annette Skowronski, DDS, FAGD, specializes in conservatively creating beautiful  smiles, maintaining oral health, and helping you improve your appearance, no matter what age!  Our experienced and friendly staff takes great pride in keeping your smile beautiful.  To make sure we keep that promise, the products we recommend and use are the highest quality and incredibly durable.  ALL of our restorations are manufactured in the USA.    




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